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Best number to be reached is the Cell Phone: (407) 722-6970

Ormond Beach Location:

1362 North US Hwy. 1
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Clinic Phone: (386) 281-5603
Clinic Fax: (386) 281-5683

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Welcome to Metabolic Physicians, Inc.

When Losing Weight Is The Goal, The Medical Approach Is The Answer!

Losing weight is not a simple task; neither is there a ‘cookie cutter,’ way of getting the results that you need. The successful approach to weight loss has been challenged by many including the Metabolic Physicians, Inc. in Orlando, FL. We offer a challenge to anyone who thinks that they can find a more complete and effective weight loss clinic than at either of our locations in Orlando, or Ormond Beach, FL. Every individual who walks into one of our clinics to get help with their weight loss concerns is unique.

Don’t be forced into accepting a general weight loss program that everyone else uses. These programs do not exist!  When you combine medicine and weight loss, you get weight management that lasts for a lifetime.

 Visit us and discover the fundamental medical reason WHY you gain weight and WHY it is a challenge to keep it off.  There will always be weight loss clinics that try to duplicate what we do, but there is only one way to tackle weight loss and that is the medical approach!  Our decade of success treating the people of Central Florida says it all.

Coming Soon: Our own line of vitamins and skin care products!

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